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Nov 11, 2012 12:00pm EST
command is not just talking, we're seeing is in classrooms. you can actually use technology to make the class for more human. you mention the skepticism. i think there should be. we just ordered 500 ipads our school. integrate into curriculum or leverage it to make it transform what's going on. there usually are a lot of answers. it is good to be skeptical, but the same time there is reason for hope. >> how do you evaluate the impact? had a you know that they have actually worked? >> a lot of times, i meet people, i don't believe. these kind of girl bar hippie type people. and now i think i appreciate what they're saying. grades, you know, normally when you say people don't like greece to my being touchy-feely, not being rigorous, but actually, they're saying grades aren't rigorous enough. they give this feeling of rigor. when, somewhat arbitrary. depends on how it's measured. but even more than that, when you give grades, especially if you got a c on an exam, you have obvious weaknesses. and so that should be an assessment. you need to improve on those weaknesses. before we move on
Nov 11, 2012 6:00pm EST
wouldn't that be interesting if there were a good effect of information technology? [laughter] >> let's take three more questions. the three people who are in line. >> mr. wolfe, um, i'm a native miamian, and thanks to you about 20 years ago there were three gentlemen running across i-95, um, asking if they could help my husband and i. and i knew what was going down having read "bonfire of the vanities." they weren't coming to help me at all. [laughter] and we were robbed at gunpoint. but i've since lived here for a long time and raised three children, and it's a wonderful city. i love miami, and i just wondered after you having done your research and meeting all these interesting characters that we clearly have no shortage of here, if it's the kind of place that you think you could live. >> well, i think there's no blanket statement that i think i could make because there's such variety in miami. i don't know these statistics for single mothers and things like that, you probably do, but it's, it's such a complicated, it's really such a complicated subject. but it wouldn't hurt people t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2